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Westminster Confession of Faith

12/16 Dr. Dominic Aquila
       "Be Comforted:
God's Salvation has Come
                Part 2"
           Isaiah 40 1-11

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12/9 Dr. Dominic Aquila
       "Be Comforted:
God's Salvation has come"
           Isaiah 40 1-11
12/2 Dr. Dominic Aquila
"He Has Made Me Glad"
          Ruth 4:11-22

11/25 Dr. Dominic Aquila  
 "A Selfless Redemption"
            Ruth 4:1-12


11/18 Dr. Dominic Aquila     
  "Doing the Right Thing"
           Ruth 3:1-18


11/11 Dr. Dominic Aquila
      "A Christ-Like Life"
           Ruth 2:1-23


11/4 Dr. Dominic Aquila
Ruth Ch 2 1-16
"Isn't Good Good"


10/28 Dr. Dominic Aquila
Ruth Ch 1 1-22
"Living through Pain & Disappointment"

10/20 Dr. Dominic Aquila

      Obadiah Conclusion
9/30 Dr. Dominic Aquila
"Possessing the Riches of                        Salvation"
        Obadiah 15-21 
9/16 Dr. Dominic Aquila
"The Folly of Arrogance"
       Obadiah 10-16 
9/9 Dr. Dominic Aquila
"When Pride Crashes and Burns" Obadiah 1-9
9/2 Dr. Dominic Aquila
        Obadiah 1-9
8/19 Dr. Dominic Aquila
"Justice: Equalizing the Scales" Obadiah 1-9
8/12 Dr. Dominic Aquila
"Remedy for Handling Resentment" Obadiah 1-14